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Past 'Ask the Experts' Events:

The Ask the Experts series began in early 2008 and has featured the following experts and topics:

Dr. Maggie Phillips
plus Expert Guest
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April, 2017 Peter Levine Shifting from Constricted Past to Embodied Presence and Forward Action
March, 2017 Kathy Kain The Polyvagal Blueprint for Trauma, Connection and Recovery
February, 2017 Dawson Church

Psychological Trauma: Healing Its Roots in Brain, Body and Memory

December, 2016 Reid Wilson How to Help Clients with Obsessive Worrying
November, 2016 Ellyn Bader Creating Lasting Change with High Conflict Couples: Learning to Think and Intervene Developmentally
November, 2016 Diane Poole Heller Breaking the Ice of Isolation Understanding Avoidant Attachments
October, 2016 Claude Poncelet The Shaman Within
October, 2016 Mark Jensen The Latest Advances in Hypnosis with Pain
October, 2016 Sandi Radomski Ask and Receive and Lasering
September, 2016 Richard Schwartz Internal Family Systems and Ego-State Therapy Partners in Treating the Divided Self
September, 2016 Wendy Lemke How to Use Ego-State Therapy in Clinical Practice
August, 2016 Porges, Badenoch and Phillips Feeling & Expressing Compassion: A Conversation with
July, 2016 Bonnie Badenoch Our Divided Brains: Finding Safety & Belonging in the Midst of Cultural Trauma
July, 2016 Stephen Porges Connectedness: A Biological Impearative
June, 2016 Maggie Phillips Group Consultation for Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorder Clients
June, 2016 Maggie Phillips Somatic Ego-State Therapy: Working with Early Life Conflicts Through the Body
June,2016 Kathy Steele developing Internal Attachment to Heal Wounded Child Parts
June, 2016 Janina Fisher Structural Dissociation, Internal Family Systems and Mindfulness A Stabilization Model
May, 2016 Ariel Giarretto Full Embodiment
May, 2016 Kathy Kain Resilience: Resolving the Somatic Symptoms of Early Trauma
May, 2016 Larry Heller Using NARM to Work with Shame and Guilt
May, 2016 Peter Levine Trauma and Memory
April, 2016 Mark Grant Overcoming Pain and Stress with EMDR
April, 2016 Laurel Parnell Attachment and EMDR
April, 2016 Laurel Parnell Using EMDR w/Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders
April, 2016 Maggie Phillips Using Energy Psychology in Ego-State Therapy
March, 2016 Fred Gallo Mindful Energy Psychology
March, 2016 Rachel Michaelsen Tips on Energy Tapping
March, 2016 Bob Schwartz The Science of Energy Healing
February, 2016 Maggie Phillips Going Deep with Hypnosis
February, 2016 Carolyn Daitch Using Hypnosis to Treat Anxiety
February, 2016 Pam Kaiser working Hypnotically with Children and Adolescents
February, 2016 Michael Yapko Keys to Unlocking Depression
December, 2015 Laurel Parnell Consultation in EMDR w/Complex Clinical Cases
November, 2015 Kathy Kain Somatic Approaches to Working with Shame and the Social Engagement System
July, 2015 Sandi Radomski

Self Healing with Personal Lasers

June, 2015 Laurel Parnell Consultation in EMDR with Complex PSD
June, 2015 Bonnie Badenoch

Expanding Your Presence as a Therapist

April, 2015 Diane Poole Heller How Somatic Ego-State Therapy can Help Build Your Strongest Self
March, 2015 Dr. Richard Schwartz Working with the I of Trauma Using Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Ego-State Therapy
February, 2015 Dr. Maggie Phillips How to Thrive Through Surgery
November, 2014 Dr. Peter Levine Healing Trauma and Pain through Polyvagal Science and its Interlocking Somatic Interventions
September 16, 2014 Dr. Michael Yapko Focusing on Overcoming Depression: The Merits of Hypnosis and Mindfulness in Feeling Good
June 27, 2014 Dr. Maggie Phillips Using Somatic Experiencing in Clinical Practice
May 27, 2014 Bonnie Badenoch Mending Torn Attachments with the Embodied Brain in Mind
April 23, 2014 Maggie Kline Helping Kids Who Struggle with the Emotional Pain of Separation, Divorce & LOss
January, 2014 Dr. Marty Rossman How to Transform Worry to Wonder
November, 2013 Dr. Charlotte Reznik Mindfulness, Meditation and Resiliency in Children
October 22, 2013 Dr. Larry Heller Healing Developmental Trauma
September 20, 2013 Dr. Clair Frederick Dreams and Ego State Therapy
July 25, 2013 Dr. Mark Jensen The Latest Advances in Hypnosis with Pain
July, 2013 Bonnie Badenoch, Dr. Fred Gallo and
Bill O'Hanlon
Three part series: Three Ways to Help Couples Create Lasting Love & Connection
June 27, 2013 Dr. Maggie Phillips A master class: Pain, Trauma and Addiction

Nov 12- Jun 13

Dr. Peter Levine Freedom from Pain 8-part series
March to May '13 Bonnie Badnoch, Dr. Fred Gallo and Bill O/Hanlon 1.) Bonnie Badnoch-Working with Couples with the Brain in Mind; 2.) Dr. Fred Gallo-Bring Back That Loving Feeling: Practical Energy Psychology with Couples; 3.) Bill O'Hanlon-Love is a Verb: Using Action Talk and Action Methods to Solve Relationship Problems
February '13 Kathy Kain Resilience and Self-Regulation in the Somatic Treatment of Early Trauma
January '13 Sandi Radomski & Tom Altaffer Ask and Receive with Infants, Children, and Adolescents
December '12 Dr. Rober Scaer 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance
November '12 Dr. Claire Frederick Growing spiritually in Ego-State Repair
September '12 Laurel Parnell Attachment-Focused EMDR for Developmental Repair
August '12 Ron Alexander The Art & Science of Embodying Mindfulness
June '12 Kathy Steele Coping with Dissociation and Other Trauma Related Symptoms
May '12 Sandi Radomski & Tom Altaffer Using Ask & Receive with Emotional Issues
April '12 Charlotte Reznick Using Creative Imagery with Children
March - April '12 Peter Levine Freedom From Pain
February '12 Bill O'Hanlon Post-Traumatic Success
December '11 - January '12 Laurel Parnell Using EMDR to Heal Childhood Trauama and Neglect
November '11 Diane Poole Heller DARE to Create Healthy Adult Relationships
October '11 Claire Frederick Ego-State Therapy and Mindbody Healing
September '11 Sandi Radomski & Tom Altaffer Ask & Receive on Pain and Physical Problems
July '11 Bill O'Hanlon Treating Trauma Without Drama
June '11 Michael Yapko Hypnosis and Mindfulness
May '11 Bonnie Badenoch Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind
April '11 Sandi Radomski The Ask & Receive Approach to Healing
March-April '11 Dr. Peter Levine In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness
February '11 Dr. Marty Rossman

The Worry Solution

December '10 Dr. Laurel Parnell Resource Tapping: Activating Your Healing Potentials Through Bilateral Stimulation
November '10 Dr. Robert Scaer Brain Neuroplasticity: Quantum Changes in the Treatment of Trauma & Pain
October '10 Dr. Claire Frederick Clinical Intensive in Ego State Therapy.
September '10 Dr. Michael Yapko

How to Treat Depression in Children

July '10 Jesse Cannone

How to Lose Your Back Pain

June '10 Dr. Peter Levine How Somatic Experiencing® can Maximize Strength, Resiliency, and Triumph
May '10 Kathy Kain Somatic Resilience: Supporting Increased Capacity for Self-Regulation
April '10 Dr. Ronald Siegel Pathways to Mindfulness
March '10 Dr. Michael Mayer Qigong and Bodymind Healing
March '10 Dr. Fred Gallo The Identity Method (IM™)
January '10 Dr. Claire Frederick Part 2: Empowering the Self Through Ego-State Therapy
December '09 Dr. Claire Frederick Part 1: Empowering the Self Through Ego-State Therapy
November '09 Dr. Steve Gilligan Reclaiming the Exiled Self
October '09 Dr. Peter Levine Resiliency, Sexuality, and Somatic Integration
July '09 Dr. Eric Greenleaf how to prepare for and recover from surgery
June '09 Dr. Michael Yapko Hypnotic and Strategic Approaches to Treating Depression
May '09 Dr. Carol Look EFT and Energy Psychology
April '09 Dr. Peter Levine Somatic Experiencing®, Dissociation, and Depression
February '09 Bro. David Steindl-Rast Pathways to Gratefulness
January '09 Dr. Bruce Eimer the power of self-hypnosis to relieve pain, anxiety, and stress
December '08 Dr. Laurel Parnell using EMDR to work with emotional and physical Pain
November '08 Dr. Robert Scaer the neurobiology of trauma and chronic pain
September '08 Dr. Peter Levine using Somatic Experiencing® to work with anxiety, fear, and panic
July '08 Dr. Neil Fiore using your "Strongest Self" to reverse chronic pain
May '08 Dr. Marty Rossman how Guided Imagery opens new healing pathways for people with chronic pain
March '08 Dr. Peter Levine the Trauma-Pain connection
February '08 Dr. Fred P. Gallo using Energy Psychology® to resolve emotional and physical pain

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